2010, acrylic on canvas
model: anika ahuja

Our Lady of the Flowers

2010, acrylic on canvas. (crappy picture, i'll get a better one)

Still Life with Red Vase and Potted Plant

Series of my Father

2010, acrylic on canvas.

Nude Man

2010, acrylic on canvas

Nude Woman

2010, acrylic on canvas.

Montreal: City of Sickness.

18ft sculpture of donated pill bottles, in a skyline view.

Pillar of Babel

798 letters from "The Last Days" exerpt in the New Testament.
6ft tall cylinder, wooden letters.
photos by Jessica Calma-Burke

.the fool.

chalk pastels with water, ink, charcoal, permanent marker on stonehenge paper. spring 2010.


photo etching and hand-drawn etch. winter 2010.

.sore ribs.

acrylic on canvas. winter 2009.

.dawson after the war.

ink and conte on tea-stained mayfair. winter 2009.

.cloud head.

acrylic paint, pigment, wood. fall 2009.

.here comes the bride.

vinyl, tulle, plastic flowers, spray paint. winter 2010.


acrylic on canvas. winter 2009.

.talking heads.

acrylic on canvas. winter 2010.

.ti voglio bene (i love you).

phone books, sewing materials, old jewelry, balloon, ribbon. fall 2009.


acrylic on mayfair. wet on wet technique, from life. winter 2009.


coloured pencils on sketchbook paper. fall 2008.

.women and war.

plaster cast legs, affixed onto wall. slideshow image projection of war images. group project with ana pranjic, fall 2009.

the image is not meant to be offensive, the project was not about nazism, but a critique on women in wartime.

.city of sins.

wooden sculpture with mirrors, acrylic paint. center circle spins almost full circle. winter 2009.

.birdcage (now broken).

metal and melted candles. fall 2009. with detail.

.pierrot (sad clown).

acrylic on canvas. winter 2010.

.take off.

mixed media (ink, colouring pencils, oil pastels). sketchbook. winter 2008.


acrylic on canvas. 2007.

.at war.

mixed media (ink, acrylic, watercolour) on canvas. fall 2009. 12in x 12 in

.glass (i/ii & ii/ii).

experimental etchings. fall 2009.

.girl i can't remember.

ink. from sketchbook. summer 2009.


not the final product - to be posted later.
mixed media (charcoal, ink, watercolour, willow charcoal). 2010. 3ft x 5ft

.mother and daughter.

acrylic on canvas. fall 2009.

.how wise.

plaster owl from clay mould, alginate hands. fall 2009.
photo by sophie el assaad.


wood sculpture. fall 2008.